Have you been affected by a crime or know someone else who has?


At Rubicon Cares we provide trauma counselling throughout Kent & Medway for people affected by ANY crime. This is a free, confidential service to help people deal with the affects of, and move on from, what has happened.

The crime incident can be historical, current, reported or unreported to the police……it is the impact on you which is important to us. The impacts on a person of something done against them can be wide and varied. This is why we believe in focusing the counselling on what you would like or need.

We also have a specialist helpline service which is available 4 times a week to support on a short term basis those who cannot get to us or would like further information about the counselling.

Helpline number : 07505709876

The hours for the helpline are: Monday, Thursday, Saturdays 12 – 3, and Wednesdays 7 – 10pm.