Values and Privacy

Enabling people to improve the quality of their lives through therapeutic intervention

Our Values

  • Treating people with respect and dignity.
  • Valuing people for who they are without judgement or reprisal.
  • Believing in a person’s ability to change.
  • Believing that the client is the expert on himself / herself.
  • Believing that everyone is equal whilst celebrating differences.

Our Aims

  • To ensure that a person’s financial status does not exclude him / her from accessing therapeutic interventions.
  • To offer equal and fair service to all regardless of race, gender, culture, age, financial status or any other differences.
  • To maintain a client centred approach at all times.
  • To learn and educate on current therapeutic practices.
  • To promote a non judgemental, empathic and congruent approach to clients and professionals.
  • To maintain a high regard for confidentiality and professionalism.

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